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Googolplex is just a Python class to do a query on, parse it and
returns the result as a list.

My friend Matias Torchinsky wrote me a pretty brief history about the Googolplex:

"According to the penguin dictionary of curious and interesting Numbers a
googol is a number that a child wrote on the board at the kindergarten:
It is one followed by 100 zeros, the number the child considered the
largest in the universe."
The mathematician Edward Kastner , the uncle of the child who invented
the googol, suggested that a much larger number will be called
googolplex , and that it be defined as 1 followed by a googol of zeros.
A googolplex is thus 10^googol.
Indeed, we could propose the very large number defined by 10^googolplex
or 10000^googolplex or googolplex^googolplex.


Following the Google Terms of Service you can't
use this kind of software, so use it for your education only!


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Updated: 12 Feb 2004